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Bereans Only!

This question(from another one like you and me who is ‘seeking, asking and knocking’ will cause us to think deeper)…listen to hear that ‘line upon line, precept upon precept’ with ‘here a little and there a little’ thrown in to season the truth of, from, to and through His, Yhwh’s, wisdom and mind… 1st the … Continue reading Bereans Only!


What I have learned from watching people and their pets over the course of the Texas Big Freeze. This thought came to me like a flash as I was meditating upon the reason why people keep pets. To any rational mind, a pet costs time and money and in an economically uncertain world we have … Continue reading Pets

What I Have Learned from the ‘TEXAS BIG FREEZE’

I was originally going to title this, “the city of Death’’ but to forestall those who believe that certain words indicate ‘doom and gloom’, I decided to rename it the ‘Texas Big Freeze’. After an extremely mild winter, mid-February 2021 arrived and the middle of North America was pummeled with an arctic outbreak plunging temperatures … Continue reading What I Have Learned from the ‘TEXAS BIG FREEZE’

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