Fear AND ITS Consequences

Fear and its consequences
-‘that which I greatly feared has come upon me’-

“Why would a man’s mother not give her son $5?”
“Why would a father not gas up his own son’s truck?”
“Could it be that young man has lost control ?”
“What went wrong in that young soldier’s life, once a disciplined, dedicated American ready to die for his fellow countrymen?”
“That young man now lives with his mother and father, estranged from his own children living thousands of miles away while he, well he has lost control my friends!”
“What? Why? How?” You ask the same questions many around him, including his own parents are asking- ‘where did we go wrong?’ ‘Were we bad parents/too strict/too giving?’ … as they berate themselves daily with their thoughts that keep them awake at night, fearful that the next phone call will be the police calling, or the hospital, praying daily hoping their worst fears of ‘This is the morgue, your son didn’t make it’ will not be their next dreaded midnight call.
Job, from the Bible, sacrificed daily offerings unto God lest, he said to himself, my children sin and God punishes them for their disobedience. His worst fears were realized one day as he sits alone amidst sackcloth and ashes, his children killed, his wife having abandoned him and everything he had worked for his whole life is now either lost, stolen or destroyed. His statement of, ‘That which I greatly feared has come upon me’ is both the title of this paper and the topic of much greater insight into the mind of God than most realize. While your first thoughts of ‘what went wrong in that young man’s life’, were probably alcohol 🍺 or drugs, I will take you on a journey that is deeper than most of you realize. This is the story of God’s plan for mankind and how He was going to create a companion bride for His Son who would be willing to suffer excruciating agony and pain for that privilege of being known by Him. This is the story of how fear keeps us from truly ‘knowing’ Him. … TBC

And yes I do know what you’re going through because I’ve been there
… and for that I thank you, not because you drink to keep from facing reality but because you’ve helped me to see and get to know the mind of God Himself and why He would allow such self-punishment to happen in the lives of His own children and I’ll give you an exclusive insight into The Backbone of God’s Mind, the next paragraph written of man and his search for God is this:

    This is about God and what He is doing and once again I direct your attention to the ‘trials of Job’ (or maybe it should read- ‘Job’s testing’?) where God gave Job double what he lost , his new wife is like Abigail who was, though married to a fool rightly deserving death, standing between her deliverer, the future King David, pleading for the life of her tormentor, her husband, and because of that faithful commitment was exalted to the coveted position of the bride of the king. After all of Job’s trials had ended, it was said that his daughters were the most beautiful in all the land and at the end of the book, Job was finally able to say, ‘God I had only heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but NOW I KNOW YOU !’ (emphasis mine)

While This may sound like the story of Job’s trials, it is really the story of a modern day man’s trials – this is MY PERSONAL STORY and my journey about my own life
Hello I Am Thomas NoDoubt and my life is the story of a modern day Job where today I sit alone in a cold house, my children hundreds and some thousands of miles away, several exwives and a broken family fighting amongst themselves…TBC

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