What I Have Learned from the ‘TEXAS BIG FREEZE’

I was originally going to title this, “the city of Death’’ but to forestall those who believe that certain words indicate ‘doom and gloom’, I decided to rename it the ‘Texas Big Freeze’. After an extremely mild winter, mid-February 2021 arrived and the middle of North America was pummeled with an arctic outbreak plunging temperatures to record lows across America. Subzero temperatures with ice and snow amounts never before seen in Texas froze wind turbines, natural gas pipelines, broke water pipes and mains, in turn causing electric power generator plants to shut down for lack of steam. Millions of city-bound residents spent days inside their homes or shelters without heat, electricity or water. Down south in the subtropical Rio Grande Valley of Texas, this freeze could not have come at a worse time of the year. Almost all the cold sensitive tropical plants had begun budding out with fresh, tender new growth and some were even beginning to set fruit. This past winter, we had seen an early cold spell in November and early December followed by a gradual warm-up in January and the first part of February. So, when this freeze hit us, springtime in the plants’ and animals’ mind was already well underway. Which ever model of climate change you and I may be a fan of, every sign of the past which preceded the coming of the “Little Ice Age“ or the “Maunder minimum“ is happening now. ( livescience.com/61716-sun-cooling-global-warming.html ) One thing is for certain though, if the ‘Texas Big Freeze’ happened once, it will happen again. And if we are wise, we will take this as a warning shot across the bow of the ship. Ultimately, what we will learn is this: there is more broken than just the electrical, natural gas and water systems. The whole premise and foundation upon which the system stands, that of a collectivism mentality of society wherein farmers are feeding the city is discernibly flawed. Even the very premise itself is indubitably contrary to the basis upon which the Constitution for these united states of the America’s, “that all men are created free and equal”; the reason which Yahushua came to earth, “to set the captives free” and why Yahweh created man in his image, “to show forth and express Yhwh’s love and glory”.

3 thoughts on “What I Have Learned from the ‘TEXAS BIG FREEZE’

  1. . The whole premise and foundation upon which the system stands, You forgot the one nation under God tagline. Unfortunately Texas wasn’t under one nation They weren’t on the grid. please respond to my post as this is a new website and you need to make sure the links are working


    1. I thought about the ‘tagline’ also as a cliche, but I truly feel that the republic for which that tagline was (cliche’d into use) has been usurped by the corporatocracy which occupies DC and which is known as the USA or United States…


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